About KS State Use


This website is published in compliance with K.S.A. 75-3317 through 75-3322, "The Kansas Use Law." When a State agency or unified school district has need to purchase products such as those listed in this publication, it is a violation of Kansas law to purchase from any source other than this website or its associated catalog. The Kansas Director of Purchases has found the items in this website to be consistent with "The Kansas Use Law" and has therefore designated them for mandatory purchase. The intent of "The Kansas Use Law" is to help provide employment for Kansans who are blind or severely disabled. Purchase of products and services from these exceptional Kansans helps them be a productive force contributing to the economy of our State.


Summary of K.S.A. 75-3321

The Director of Purchases and any person or officer authorized to purchase materials and supplies for any state agency or unified school district operating in Kansas, or to purchase services for any agency within Kansas State government, shall purchase, from the catalog, "Products and Services Manufactured and Offered By Blind and Severely Disabled Kansans," at any time when the listings in that catalog will meet the needs of the agency or school district.

Summary of K.S.A. 75-3322

Whenever the qualified vendors represented in this catalog are unable to supply the products or services needed, or are unable to meet delivery requirements on any purchase order or requisition, a written waiver request shall immediately be forwarded to the director of purchases by the state agency procurement officer or purchasing officer of the unified school district. If approved by the director of purchases such waivers shall relieve and exempt the state or unified school district from the purchasing requirements set forth in the relevant Kansas laws (K.S.A 75-3317 and 75-3322). The waiver granted shall apply only to the case of the specific purchase order, request or requisition.


  • Yields meaningful employment and training
  • Compliments and encourages efforts to deinstitutionalize people who have disabilities
  • Advocates self-sufficiency for those with disabilities
  • Reduces cost of service care for people with disabilities
  • Encourages community involvement and support of people who have disabilities
  • Supports efforts for a good business approach to spending vocational rehabilitation dollars
  • Increases tax base
  • Decreases tax requirements
  • Stimulates growth of Kansas local economy
  • Ensures continuity in the supply of needed services and products to customers
  • Provides opportunity for State agencies to contract for services at a lower cost than in-house services
  • Promotes productivity in vocational rehabilitation centers


We place strong emphasis on the quality and reliability of all products and services.

Our products and services are guaranteed to give satisfaction.

If there is a factory error, the qualified vendor will issue proper credit or replacement after receipt and inspection of goods.

Freight will be paid by the qualified vendor if a factory error was made.

Feel free to write or call with any comment. You will receive fast, personal attention.

We want you to be as pleased as we are with the efforts of our facilities.